Our Exposed Bricks Cleaning & Coating Services

Milestone Manpower Services is pleased to offer cleaning of interior exposed brick walls. Whether it is removing paint, excess mortar, or plaster remnants, we can clean it off with minimal disturbance to the brick!

Exposed brick is a very popular interior design element is older buildings, but often the brick is dirty, partially painted, or covered in sloppy mortar or excess plaster. Our blasting service will remove the paint, mortar and plaster with less damage than traditional sandblasting, and without chemicals. Put away the wire brushes, grinders and other tools, our blasting will clean your walls up in hours, not weeks!

Our services are designed for homes under renovation as this service is extremely loud and dusty. Our specialized blasting equipment is very flexible in that we can blast at lower pressures than standard blast equipment allowing us to cater the blasting to your specific requirements.

Not every wall is a candidate, but if properly done the exposed brick can transform a room. Please find the following considerations for cleaning interior brick walls:

  • Brick condition/type of brick
  • Amount of paint/mortar/plaster on surface
  • Containment of debris (we suggest only blasting when house is under renovation as debris is fine and hard to contain)