Our Glass Cleaning Services

Glass is a fragile material and if left unattended over a long period of time, may result in permanent damage. The surface is highly prone to scratches, and the longer it is left un-attended, the more dust it attracts, and the tougher it gets to clean. Moreover, glass cleaning is a specialized job and requires professionals to maintain the aesthetics of it. All the other agencies across, focus primarily on cleaning services of all materials as a whole without emphasizing on glass. They usually use the same tools and formulations to clean all kinds of materials, and that is where the problem lies. Instead of the expected outcome of a cleaned glass, we end up and damaging the top layer and hence destroying the primary beauty if glass. Everything comes with a lifespan; therefore glass can be robust and hard wearing only if it is suitably maintained. Improper cleaning can cause serious damage to it. That’s why one needs trained hands to protect the glass investments

How we can help?

Our cleaning materials are carefully chosen after intensive in-house testing, and our service personnel are rigorously trained to handle even the most delicate of installations.

Services offered:

One time cleaning service (OTCS):
If you have just completed the construction of your project, masonry work, plastering, and painting, it will leave the glass that’s installed with stains and spots. Let us make sure it’s sparkling clean before you move in.
Annual maintenance cleaning services (AMCS):
This can be a standalone offering, or an extension of OTCS. It gives you multiple cleaning cycles a year for all the glass installed in your project. (We recommend a minimum of cleanings per year)