Our Heritage Cleaning Services

Milestone Manpower do all forms of masonry are relatively fragile, some more than others of course. This is where our many years of cleaning and renovating old stone has given us the knowledge of how to treat it with care and consideration – for now and the future.

Monuments and historical places, buildings cleaning with care. Conserving the delicate fabric of old buildings is of prime importance – to remove dirt gently, Contaminated cleaning. We use eco-friendly solutions and low air pressure in our heated water jet systems.

Our specialist pressure washing system delivers water up to 150 degrees centigrade and allows us to drop the water pressure significantly. This means it’s the heat, not the pressure that removes the surface dirt, grime and debris – so you’ll get stunning results without damaging the stone’s surface.

  • We can work at all height levels, regardless of access difficulties.
  • • We use the most appropriate access method – scaffolding, or Spider kit